Saturday, April 27, 2013

Premier League Contest - Match 35

Welcome to Match 35. As far as the Premier League is concerned, Oprah has sung, the party's over, Manchester United has earned the championship trophy with over a month still to play.

As far as we're concerned, the race is still on.

Being late in the year, I've assembled an All Star squad to help us get through the last few matches.

Pick your favourite, and let's get going.

Just to make it official...

Man Utd 3484
Man City 3368
Arsenal 3463
Chelsea 3362
Tottenham 3361
Everton 3456
Liverpool 3451
West Brom 3345
Swansea 3342
West Ham 3442
Fulham 3440
Southampton 3439
Norwich 3438
Sunderland 3437
Stoke 3437
Newcastle 3437
Aston Villa 3434
Wigan 3331
QPR 3424
Reading 3424

I've highlighted the teams in blue that are in the race for Champions League status... as you know, top four clubs make it... with them as well as the fifth place finisher also eligible for Europa League play.

All of that means more $$$ in the coffers.

At the bottom of the table, QPR and Reading face off, with the loser being confirmed to relegation. If Aston Villa beats Sunderland, both QPR and Reading are in the drop regardless.
Wigan is in tough hosting Tottenham.

That Villa match is on Monday, so let's get your comments in by Tuesday afternoonish.

Go United! 2013 Premier League Champions!


dayf said...

Since it's all but assured RVP is going to dance on Arsenal's grave tomorrow can I just hide all weekend and still get the contest points?

Commishbob said...

Well Dayf, RVP got the only goal in the 1-1 draw but I wouldn't call it 'dancing on their grave'. I didn't see it but there seemed to be lot of yellows. Must have been a chippy match.

dayf said...




Dawgbones said...

YAY, Reading didn't lose!! Woo Hoo!!... Well, ok, they didn't exactly win either, but YAY, they didn't lose!! Reading's Alex McCarthy managed to block all shots on goal whilst Queens Park Rangers' Rob Green did the same.