Saturday, April 13, 2013

Premier League contest - Week 32... and/or 33...

Welcome to Match 32... or is that 33? Or both? We've got matches spread out over a few days this time.... Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Some clubs play twice, others, not at all.

Hey. I don't make the schedule.
So since it's my birthday Saturday, I won't be around much.... meaning let's use this post for all matches the 13th through the 17th. We'll have a new post next Saturday for that weekend's fixtures. Please get your comments in by Thursday evening.

Looking at the table, we say goodbye to Tottenham, while Arsenal hangs on by the slightest fingernail. Any type of result by United or if the Gunners don't win will result in their elimination.
Chelsea can also be eliminated this weekend if they lose OR United wins.

Man Utd 3177
Man City 3165
Chelsea 3158
Tottenham 3258
Arsenal 3156
Everton 3152
Liverpool 3249
West Brom 3244
Swansea 3241
Fulham 3139
Southampton 3237
West Ham 3137
Newcastle 3236
Norwich 3235
Stoke 3234
Aston Villa 3233
Sunderland 3231
Wigan 3131
QPR 3224
Reading 3223

At the bottom, Wigan has a match in hand, while it looks curtains for QPR and Reading.
Should be some great matches.

Go United!


hockey kazi said...

Happy Birthday--Go Southampton

dayf said...

3-1 Arsenal over Norwich.

Arteta, Giroud, Podolski scored with assists by the refs.

Dawgbones said...

Alex McCarthy blocked all of Liverpool's shots on goal today whilst Jose Reina blocked all of Reading's shots on goal today for a blistering score of 0 to 0!! At least Reading didn't lose another one!!

Commishbob said...

Man U 2
Stoke City 0

Carrick and Van Persie (finally) scored for the Red Devils. RVP's goal was a penalty kick.

Commishbob said...

Man U managed to get a point with a 2 all draw against West Ham. Goals for Valencia and Van Persie

dayf said...

Arsenal in a nil-nil draw with Everton.

Tim Howard and Szczczczczczczczesny pitched the shutouts