Tuesday, April 2, 2013

the Miami Yankees

Baseball is off and running. Well, for most teams it is anyways.

The Braves were victorious over the Phillies. Chicks dig the longball will be a theme in ATL this season.
A sellout crowd of 51,426 witnessed it. Or about 51,000 more than the Marlins opener.

Speaking of loyal fans, how about those Yankee fans? This pic caused quite a stir.....
...taken during the 9th inning of their blowout loss to Boston.

Way to support your team bandwagoners. Foul balls for everybody!


The Dutch Card Guy said...

Wow, that's a sad picture....

night owl said...

It's Opening Day!!!

I will never understand humans.

Casey said...

Two things I'm about to do that I never thought I'd ever do: defend Yankee fans and praise Habs fan.

To be fair to Yankee fans, it started to rain in the 9th and with the Sox putting up three, the game was OVAH!

That said, I can't imagine a Habs fan leaving a game early ever because they are among the most passionate fans in all of sports.

And now I will go light myself on fire.

Ryan H said...

That's about how the stadium looked at the BEGINNING of game 5 of the ALCS last year.