Sunday, March 7, 2010

Auto Mania

I just received a package from an ebay seller. I bought several cards from him/her. All "hits". Either jersey, or in most cases, autographs. You ever find a seller who has about 20 cards you're interested in, all ending around the same time, at the right price, and no one else is online? It's rare, but when it happens, it's glorious.

I'll show the first three today. Up first, a 2009 UD Ballpark Rookie Auto of Braves pitcher James Parr, 106/500. The cost? .99 cents. Good thing he's not Japanese.
Next we have an on card Goudey Graph. Sweet assed card if you ask me.... oh yeah, .99 cents for this one as well...
Finally (for this post) we have my boy. Mr Second Half himself. An auto jersey thank you very much.
yeah, it's a sticker auto, but what are ya gonna do? $2.50 brought Adam home.
Why do card shops and shows insist on charging $20, $30, $80! for these things? Do they not have the world wide web at home?
Maybe their mom is on dial up?
Whatever... enjoy, and I'll show off more later. Including a little story on "the curse"


Roy said...

I try not to purchase anything off eBay without being able to exploit combined shipping. I broke that rule last night though...but it was a '10 Topps Hat Logo for $7.50 shipped. Couldn't let that go.

Nice scores...what was the shipping on them all to Alberta?

Captain Canuck said...

$3.50 for all 20 cards I got from him/her...

zman40 said...

Nice find and great looking cards to boot.