Monday, March 1, 2010

a wicked case of the maildays...

everyone's favourite Don, the Wicked One himself, sent me some cards the other day. I was expecting some stuff we had traded, but that wasn't included. This was a surprise box. Some of what was included....

a mini black border Chippah! They should've put Mississippi Queen on the back of this instead of Gypsy Queen.
a teeny tiny Jordan Schafer. I hope his wrist is 100%. The less I see of ole Milky whatshisname the better.
My very first look at 2010 Topps. Kinda sad that of the 8 or 9 Wicked sent, only 1 is still a Brave. But this is my boy! My first 2010 Roach!!!
also, of course, not wanting to play favourites, is 2010 Upper Deck.
Yunel is from the "Full Logo" edition.
an oddball Hank Aaron. If you tilt your monitor, the picture changes...
Tommy Hanson! While Tommy throws a death stare designed to cripple batters, he amuses himself by levitating the ball with the awesome powers of his mind.
Warren and Tommy. Awesomness to the umpteenth power.
Tommy Hanson can beat you at a game of Connect Four in only three moves.
The back goes on to say that Tommy struck out 17 Sox while only throwing a single pitch.

A Toppstown BMac
when did these become collectible???

Another Chippah!!!
Wicked also sent over a few more Braves, as well as a couple of WalMart Black cards from last season. I only need two more to complete the set.
Somehow in Florida he found some hockey to send along... the first one is some dude you may have heard of the past week...
another puckstopper
and a former Ranger turned Canadien

as always Don Ortega, thanks a million. Look for a package from me in a couple of weeks via sled dog....


Roy said...

You know I've never noticed if you've posted ann affinity for any team besides the Braves - what about good old hawkey teams?

Anonymous said...

Mmmm nice Mmmmmiller.

Wow, that totally sounded wrong.

Hey! word verification: torip

or nottorip?

Question asked.

Unknown said...

Nice stuff. I wish I followed more hockey. The autos are always incredible.