Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New additions to my PC, all the way from Europe

my latest additions come from two ebay sellers in England and France. That right there should let you know I'm not talking about Adam LaRoche.

Scanning ebayUK I was able to find a few new Edwin van der Sar cards for my collection. Now most of you may not be very familiar with Mr. van der Sar. Well he's a football player. Soccer to you Yanks. He's a Keeper really. An outstanding one. (That's what they call goalies) Think Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur all rolled up into one 6'6" goofy Dutchman. Awesome.

The first five new cards are actually stickers. From Panini. You may have heard of them. They've been in the news lately. Well, this is what made them famous and rich. Well, actually wealthy. Not rich. There is a big difference. Like Chris Rock says, Kobe is rich. The white dude who signs his cheques, he's wealthy. Anyways...

all of those came from the French seller, who despite the language gap, was a very nice fellow. I love buying things from Europe. Everyone there is so nice and friendly.
From England I bought one card. The latest '09/10 Topps Attax card.
This one cost me around $7. For a base card. Yeah. The game is popular. There is an SP version of Edwin from this set that regularly sells for over $30. Those Europeans play hardball. But Edwin is worth it. Easily the most powerful card in the game. It doesn't get much better than a rating of 100/100, does it?
Since the dude from England spoke English, I asked him if he had any other cards of Edwin I could buy since mailing just one seemed silly. "No worries mate" I was told. And that was that. When the envelope showed up, I found four other Edwin's in the envelope. Three of them shown here, and one scan that has escaped and is now at large in the computer scannerverse.
This is last years Topps Attax card. One of the nicest cards I've seen. If Topps did baseball this well, I'd have bought some last year.... or this year....
you can't tell in the scan, but Edwin and his ratings and position are in a smooth high gloss finish. The background and border are in a matte textured finish. Quite striking actually.

Another shiny Panini sticker.
and the sparkliest football card I have ever seen. You need glasses to look at this thing in the light.
Thanks Mr ebayUK seller!!!
I've always admired Edwin and the way he played. He now holds records for most "clean sheets" (shutouts), most consecutive clean sheets, and most wins.
He also has played more games internationally for his country than anyone else.
He's Edwin van der Sar, and you're not.


Roy said...

Van Der Sar is pretty awesome. And he's Dutch to boot. I am down with the Dutch.

I'm going to say Nederlands makes a huge run at the World Cup this year. Just gotta beat Spain.

Collective Troll said...

Wow, I didn't realize that you were a fan of Van Der Sar... My brother-in-law is a sports reporter in England and he was raving about what a great interview/player/person Van Der Sar is... I admitted to him that I had no idea who he was and we were even cuz he had no idea who Carl Crawford was... Cool looking cards.

ernest of canada said...

the one football item that most recently piqued my interest was last year's panini calciatori david beckham sticker. simply because of its relative scarcity. and despite searches on ebay Italy, i've never managed to find one offered for sale or auction.