Thursday, March 18, 2010

Trade Night!

so my CS, (I won't call them my LCS because I have to pack a lunch and get gas halfway just to get there) had a Trading Night last night from 6-9pm.


What's a Trading Night?

So I sent off an email to Darren the loyal shopkeep asking the very same. He sent back a response of "bring your trade box, meet some fellow collectors, and have some pizza."

Meet fellow collectors. Check.

Pizza. Double check.

Bring my trade box. Wait. WTF is a trade box????

It can't be what I think it is.... he knows I'm a set collector and at any one time have 20-30 sets I'm working on. I have at least 20 monster boxes full of cards from sets I've completed. Does he really want me to bring those? I'll need to call Penske.

Whatever. He also asked for all of us to bring the loot we snagged at Saturday's ITG Cross Canada Tour. So I'll bring that, and a handful of duplicate inserts from this years hockey.

Off I go. Well, I did find out more proof of what I already knew. There are very few set collectors out there. Not a lot of base cards in those trade boxes that showed up. Although I did get to meet quite a few new people, no trades were worked. But I didn't think there would be.

Before I left, I was encouraged to play a couple rounds of pack wars. For those of you, like me, who have never played pack wars before, the concept is simple. Someone picks a product. It could be anything, any year, any sport. Everyone gets a pack. Someone picks a stat... highest jersey number, most goals, most career touchdowns, whatever... all the packs get ripped and whomever has the card corresponding to that packs stat, gets all the cards. Fun.
But yeah, you know me. I lost horribly. Dangerous game. Very addicting. And I really would cry the first time I pulled an auto of my favourite player only to have to give it away because someone pulled the heaviest lineman.

Of course that doesn't mean I left empty handed. Before I left the house, my loving wife told me to quit bringing home hockey and get something good for a change. That's her subtle way of telling me she wants to open some football. Yes dear.
So I brought home a box of 2009 Upper Deck Icons Football for us/her to open. More on that later. (Sneakpeek hint: redemption)

Thanks for the good times Darren! Check out Maple Leaf Sports if you're in or near Calgary.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't been in a shop since the 90s... I wonder what I'm missing by living in East Bumdoodle?