Friday, January 14, 2011

Cool article about cards...

Just like the title says, I found a cool new article by Tom Lorenzo on trading cards and the athletes on them.
It centers on football players and their ability to remember the exact play featured on each of their trading cards.

Check it out. It's an entertaining read.



Anonymous said...

Wow. That was a great article. Good find.

I always wondered about the 1987 Jerry Rice card. I always doubted that he was getting ready to pass, so it's cool to know that he was.

Even if it was an interception.

I can see how wide receivers and even running backs would be better able to indentify card moments. Quarterbacks touch the ball every down and often do the same thing (roughly) every play.

I remember exactly what I was doing for my rookie card. I was standing on a bank well off the right field line (behind the team bench). It might look like I was about to smash a homer, but I was just posing for the photograph.

Fuji said...

Great article.. thanks for sharing!