Saturday, January 1, 2011

Generousness... a good start to the new year.

One thing you will not see here is the obligatory new year 'state of the blog' address, nor any resolutions, look backs, recollections, top 10 lists of 2010, or any other review type post. There are enough of those out there right now. Not to say that they aren't interesting, but I've never been one to follow the crowd. And I'm a wee lazy too... so when you combine those, you get what we have here. A post that barely even acknowledges that we are in a new year. Just another day. I remember the biggest pain in the butt of the new year was remembering to write the correct year on your cheques. But I don't think I've written a cheque in over 10 years. Do they still even have cheques? Whatever. I digress.

The title of this post in Generousness. I thought I made it up. It's a great word to describe most of the great bloggers out there. Turns out I didn't make it up. It's a word. Look it up. I did.

 Before xmas I posted about a package I received from Darkship aka Todd. He sent over one of the last two stickers I need for the 2010 Panini World Cup sticker book. Not being satisfied with just sending a sticker, Todd ran throughout his house, frantically looking for something else to send with it. He did. I can picture him doing it. Lord knows I've done it dozens of times. It's almost a dance.

A dance Todd does well. He sent over one of those fancy, only available in the U.S. Orange refractor thingies of Braves phenom Tommy Hanson. 
 and an auto of perhaps the greatest race car driver of all time, David Pearson.
A very cool on card auto of a former moon shine runner. What a country!

Thanks Todd!!! And let's have a great next 365.


BA Benny said...
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BA Benny said...

Loving that David Pearson auto card! Very nice.

Dawgbones said...

I second Benny's second comment... Nice Pearson auto!

darkship said...

You're very welcome sir! It's kinda fun doing that dance and it gets cards to people who will enjoy them more then I will! Happy New Year!

Play at the Plate said...

A very Happy New Year to you Canuck!!