Saturday, January 22, 2011

Game on! Predictions, anyone?

First up this weekend we have the Game of the Weekend. I'm hoping whomever wins this one, goes on and takes the whole shebang.
Green Bay vs Chicago. A battle of the NFC North.
 Aaron Rodgers against Jay Cutler. Two young QB's coming into their own. Should be a great one.

In the evening we have the AFC Championship. Jets at Pittsburgh.
 on paper this should be a no brainer. The Jets shouldn't even be there. But they are. That's why they play the games people.

The Great Carnac says The Pack in a close one, and Pittsburgh running away.

What say you???


BA Benny said...

I predict with pictures like that, you get a bunch of page views.

Jets meet the Bears in the Superbowl.

Fuji said...

Packers @ Bears - This game is a coin flip... really difficult to call. It's in Chicago and they'll be playing on grass... which favor the Bears. On the other hand... the Packers have one of the best QB's in football and they're on a roll. If I was a betting man... I wouldn't bet on this game. However... as a Packers fan, I sure hope they move on to the Super Bowl.

Jets @ Steelers - I'm going with the Steelers. No disrespect to the Jets... they knocked off the best team in football. And as we learned from last week... and the week before (Saints @ Seahawks)... anything can happen.

cynicalbuddha said...

I predict Packer Steelers SUperbowl Pack takes it all!!!!

Nathan said...

I'm hoping for a Jets/Packers superbowl with a Jets win, but Steelers/Packers does seem more likely

Charles @ Hoopography said...

I'm not sure if there are even words in this post. If there are, I didn't see them.

Jimmy King said...

Jets vs. Bears with the Jets taking it home.

AdamE said...

Early nomination for post of the year...

Night Owl insinuated he may need some help finding pictures for a new series he is doing. I can't think of someone better to help him than you.

TheRealDFG said...

I would love to say Steelers vs. Bears. However, the realist in me says it will be a "green-out" in Dallas.

CaptKirk42 said...

I'd like to see the Pack and Jets make it an OLD SCHOOL Super Bowl. With that match up I think I prefer the Packers to win. IN all likelihood though it will probably be Bears & Steelers with the Steelers getting their 7th Lombardy

night owl said...

I predict Ms. Red will catch the sniffles going to the games in any of those outfits.

The Big Kahuna said... that I've changed my we go: Anybody wanna bet with me?

Jets: 38
Sqeelers: 21

Bears: 14
Fudge Packers: 44

Super Bowl:
Feets: 13
Cheeseheads: 34