Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's over! It's finally over!!!

thanks to dayf, Morgan "Mr Happy' Gould has found a home in my 2010 Panini World Cup Sticker Book. And then it was done! Complete!

The joy of a completed sticker book!!!

Thanks to all the bloggers in Canada and the U.S who traded with me, as well as those in Serbia, Finland, Australia, and France. Of course, a big shout out to John in England who always helps with these types of things.

Now, who wants to see scans of their favourite team??? Speak now. If no one speaks, I may just show you the whole damn book. Threat or a promise, your choice.


Nachos Grande said...

I'd actually like to see the whole book - not ONCE did I see any of the sticker things in a store near me!

dayf said...

Show the whole damn book!

I was terrified that the mounties would snatch away that letter for daring to include something other than official correspondence.

Fuji said...

That's awesome... I hunted for Team USA & the Blue Samurai for months, but never found them... so I ended up cheating and buying them off of Panini's site. These stickers are awesome!

I'm with the others... show the whole book!