Monday, August 15, 2011

I love that new Braves smell....

 this seems like part 27 of the massive trade/gift packages from dayf and the Troll.... probably 3 more posts after this one. And as per dayf's request, the last two posts will be the vintage.  I got a whole swack of new Braves. This is great, because other than sample packs, I haven't bought any new baseball this year or last. My favourite Troll sent me my first Ginter Brave. Fabulous Freddie Freeman. He also sent my boy Adam.
 Then troll sent a bunch of 2011 Topps Braves... or former Braves. Dudes in Braves uniforms. How's that?
 Jordan Schafer who is now Astro Boy. And Brandon Beachy. Another one of his rookie cards.
 and a great shot of Jonny Venters. I like this because it shows his left arm attached to his body. After Fredi pitches him in a few more games.... it may not be quite so attached.
 The whole gang! Celebrating a Sunday home win! In one of their four regular uniforms! Remember when teams only had two?
 Chipper! Sliding into... second?
 how many horizontal cards did Topps do in this set??? My main question is, I wonder if it's Rick Ankiel safe at third? Or Brian Snitker? Does this count as two runners on one base?
 And finally Troll sent me Tim Hudson. He must really have liked this card because....
 he sent me two. I hope he doesn't need one of these for his set.
 Dayf, knowing that Troll was taking care of Topps flagship, sent me Braves from other sets.

First up, some Heritage.
 Floating Heads!!!
 Derek Lowe asking the photographer if he could have his hat back yet?
 J - Hey smiling. Nice trophy Jason!
 Dan Uggla showing off some palm trees and some light poles. Too bad there wasn't some cars in the background too...
 My boy Adam!!! Now I just need A&G, Gypsy Queen, Lineage... I think.
Speaking of Gypsy Queen...
 Tommy Boy!
 a mini Derek Lowe
 and J- Hey. He's everywhere!!!
 A tiny Prado from Topps... are there mini's in every set now?
 and some Bowman's of the next generation.

Mr Hoover.
 Mr Teheran
 and Mr Delgado. Randall pitches his second game tomorrow night against the Giants.
Thanks guys!!!

Today's trivia question. If you watched the Braves game tonight, it'll be easy. Since Tim Hudson made his major league debut in June of 1999, only one pitcher has more wins than Tim's 177 wins. This pitcher has 179 wins. Who is he?

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Cardhobbyist said...

Of course I am watching the game so the answer is Roy Halladay.

Weird that I opened an envelope from a beckett trade today that had those same Heritage Lowe and Uggla cards as well as that Kimball mini of Prado. Deja vu all over again.