Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vintage Troll.... Part Deux.

These are the other vintage cards that Troll sent over, but they just didn't fit with the 1965 theme of the last post. Again, we'll play the Got 'em,  Need 'em game.

we'll start off with a beauty...
 I wonder if Spahn ever threw a knuckleball as part of his repertoire? Anyone know? And how would you like to just sit back and listen to that conversation going on right there between those three pitchers... Awesome.
Need 'em!!!
 Braves team card. 1963 edition. Good luck identifying all of those blurry faces. That may be Eddie Gaedel on the far left in the tux.
Need 'em!!
 1961 Chuck Dressen - Manager.  Chuck managed the Braves in '60 and '61 going 159-124
Chuck passed away part way through the 1966 season at the age of 67.
Got 'em... but upgrade!!!
 1963 Ty Cline - I babbled about Ty in the last post... This card came two years earlier. And he is still pictured in his Indians uniform, whom he played with in 1962.
Need em!!!!
Ahh... my buddy Carlton the doorman. (Those of you who got that obscure reference are OLD!) We're looking at his rookie card here. I wonder how I figured that out without three oversized logos, a special insert subset, and it being short printed at the back end of the set? We just did people. And it worked fine, thank you very much.
Carl pitched 8 years in the bigs, the first 5 with the Braves, before retiring as a Met at the end of the '65 season. He passed away in 2009 at the age of 78.
Need 'em!!!

Thanks again Troll... up next... Vintage Junkie.

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