Friday, June 5, 2020


Let's talk about Fleer baby, let's talk about you and me...… Hopefully you  now have that song in your head for the rest f the day.
In my never ending quests to finish up these Braves team sets, today we tackle early 90's Fleer. Fleer update specifically.

First, 1990.
Nick Esasky, who looks like an undercover police officer.

Jim Kremers! Now I am a HUGE Braves fan. But wo the hell is Jim Kremers? And what does he want?
A quick google search shows that he's actually known as Jimmy. And that his career lasted 29 games in 1990. He batted a whopping .110 with a homer and two RBI's.
Atlanta then shipped him to Montreal for Otis Nixon.

Greg Olson. Not the pitcher, the catcher. Unlike Jimmy, Greg lasted a bit more in the Bigs.

Jim Presley! HEY! My name's Jim Presley and I'm the new third baseman for the freaking Atlanta Braves!!!! Wait. Who's that rookie shortstop over there practicing at third??? He has a funny name too. Chipper??? Who calls their kid Chipper?

Then 1991. For those who thought the 1990 set was too bland, Fleer listened and gave you this for 1991. Hey, it is substantially better than 1991 Donruss. The worst set ever made.

Kent Mercker! One of my faves. Great career.

And Otis!!! We now know how Otis got here. See? You learn something new every day.

Terry Pendleton. Great at the beginning, but cost the Braves so many games near the end. Bobby Cox was loyal to his players though and kept putting him out there. Almost caused me to throw my TV through the window many times watching him "pinch hit"
More like "pinch strike out" Am I right?!!

I don't remember Juan too much. Although he pitched fairly well in the season and a half he was with Atlanta.

Oh...… when Sid slid. It was magical.

This must be Freddie's older brother.

Gotta say, I have a soft spot in my heart for Fleer.

Do any of you have any Fleer fvourites?


Jeff B - Wax Pack Wonders said...

Which is worse, 1991 Donruss or 1991 Fleer? The debate will rage on for centuries.

Fuji said...

I had to go look up my 1991 Fleer post to see which card I picked as my favorite. Looks like I chose ten. But if I had to narrow it down to one, I'd go with the Carlton Fisk. As for 1990 Fleer, I haven't broken that set down yet. Maybe one day.

Wanna see the Fisk and my other 9 favorites? Here's the link:

Jon said...

Thankfully I'm not a fan of that song, so no worries about it getting stuck in my head :)