Monday, April 19, 2010

Gilles Meloche TTM success!

catchy title, eh? I have to admit it, I stole it from my good friend GCRL. We'll call it, a tribute. Yeah, that sounds good.

I've been wanting to tackle some ttm auto requests for awhile now, but could never get going. So to ease into it, I thought about hitting up retired players first. They tend to not move around as much. That narrowed it down, but I needed further focus. So why not start by expanding my '70's goalie collection?

So I headed out to Costco, got a dozen 8x10 photos made up, and mailed them off. The first one arrived home awhile ago.
Mr Gilles Meloche! Gilles was one of my faves from growing up. He played for one franchise for most of his career, although it was a bumpy ride. He started with the California Golden Seals, (which had just changed their name from the Oakland Seals) stayed with the team when they transferred to Cleveland as the Barons, and finally ended up in Minnesota with the rest of the Barons as they folded into the Minnesota North Stars.

Here's my 8x10
I read on some ttm auto forums that you have to watermark your photos so ebay douchebags don't steal your scan and reprint it to sell online. Really? People do that? And it works?

Gilles also signed three cards for me, chronicling his career.
check out that airbrush job! They forgot to airbrush his defenceman in the background, still in his Cleveland Baron colours.

Here Gilles is in his own Barons uniform.

and finally we have the glorious California Golden Seals uni, with OPC text and team variations. (how's that Jim?) The Topps version (of which I do not have) still has the Seals team name and logo.
Gilles is currently the goaltending coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He still found time to sign for me. Thanks for the autographs Gilles Meloche!


Baseballislife1984 said...

nice success TTM. You should try Bernie Parent. I've seen succsesses through the Flyers

TheRealDFG said...

That is awesome!! Congrats on that one.

gcrl said...

i love o-pee-chee!

thehamiltonian said...

No mail from Parliament yet?