Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Playoff Contest - Round 2

Okay, so Round One of the NHL Playoffs are over, and so is Round One of the Great Waxaholic Playoff Contest II
So it's on to the second round for all of the participants. Round 2 is simple. Pick the winners of the playoff series all the way through to the Stanley Cup Finals and the amount of games each series will go. Easy peasy.
The matchups are

a) San Jose (1) vs Detroit (5)
b) Chicago (2) vs Vancouver (3)
c) the winner of (a) vs the winner of (b)

d) Pittsburgh (4) vs Montreal (8)
e) Boston (6) vs Philadelphia (7)
f) the winner of (d) vs the winner of (e)

g) the winner of (c) vs the winner of (f)

as a tie breaker, pick the Conn Smythe Trophy winner (MVP of the playoffs)

The prizes? Well, since last year's prize was so popular, I will award another one. A 1977/78 complete set of inserts. These were randomly inserted into packs back in '77. No need to bust wax... I've completed the set for you. 22 shiny inserts from 33 years ago.

Just in case no one is interested in vintage hockey cards (I doubt it) I have some small baseball and basketball sets to offer.

So if you entered the contest in Round One, make sure to get in on Round 2. It's your only chance to win.
I may have a round one standings update tomorrow if I have time.


night owl said...

All right, since I was so successful the first round, here goes:

Red Wings rip Sharks
Blackhawks blast Canucks

Red Wings rock Blackhawks.

Penguins pulverize Canadiens
Bruins brutalize Flyers

Penguins pound Bruins

Penguins pop Red Wings in rematch.

Con Smythe winner: Sidney Crosby. Ugh.

TheRealDFG said...

a) Detroit beats San Jose in 6
b) Vancouver beats Chicago in 5
c) Vancouver over Detroit in 7

d) Pittsburgh beats Montreal in 6
e) Philly over Boston in 6
f) Pens over Philly in 7

g) As much as I hate to say it, Vancouver over the Pens in 7

the Connie goes to Crosby (unless one of the Sedins suddenly finds a way to score 2.5 goals per game).

shoeboxlegends said...

Damn it! I kid you not I just scanned in all 22 of those O-Pee-Chee inserts yesterday and already have a post half written. Oh well, I'll post it anyway I guess...

a) Detroit over San Jose in 6
b) Vancouver over Chicago in 7
c) Detroit beats Vancouver to win the West in 6

d) Pittsburgh over Montreal in 6
e) Boston over Philadelphia in 6
f) Pittsburgh beats Boston to win the East in 6

g) Detroit Red Wings beat the Penguins in 6 to win the cup.

By the way, what a game by Halak last night!!!

night owl said...

I've been told I forgot the number of games ... I got distracted by the ring girl.

Red Wings in 6
Blackhawks in 7

Red Wings in 6

Penguins in 5
Bruins in 7

Penguins in 5

Penguins in 6

dayf said...

a) Detroit 7
b) Chicago 6
c) Chicago 7
d) Pittsbugh 5
e) Philly 7
f) Pittsbugrh 6
g) Chicago 6

Conn Smythe Patrick Kane

Dan said...

a)San Jose over Detroit in 6
b) Vancouver over Chicago in 7
c) San Jose over Vancouver in 7
d)Pittsburgh over Montreal in 5
e) Philadelphia over Boston in 6
f) Pittsburgh over Philadelphia in
g) San Jose over Pittsburgh in 7

Conn Smythe: Nabokov

I know nothing about hockey.

BA Benny said...

San Jose in 6
Vancouver in 6
Then San Jose in 6

Pittsburgh in 5
Boston in 7
Then Pittsburgh in 6

Finals- Pittsburgh in 6

Con Smyth - Crosby

Play at the Plate said...

I'm at my kids game so I'll pick the series for tonight and post the rest later. Sharks over wings 4-3.

Roy said...

a) San Jose defeats Detroit, 6 Games
b) Chicago defeats Vancouver, 6 Games
c) Chicago defeats San Jose, 6 Games

d) Pittsburgh defeats Montreal, 5 Games
e) Philadelphia defeats Boston, 4 Games
f) Pittsburgh defeats Philadelphia, 7 Games

g) Chicago defeats Pittsburgh, 7 Games

Sal said...

Sharks beat Red Wings in 7
Blackhawks beat Canucks in 6

Blackhawks beat Sharks in 6

Penguins beat Canadiens in 5
Bruins beat Flyers in 7

Penguins beat Bruins in 6

Blackhawks beat Penguins in 7
Duncan Keith wins Conn Smythe

dfwbuck2 said...

i feel like the habs...down 3-1; but i've got a secret team (sabres) is out, so i wont lose on any homer points (kudos DFG for not picking the pens to carry the cup)

the picks:
a) wings in seven
b) canucks in six

c) pens in five
d) b's in seven

e) canucks in seven
f) pens in six

g) pens in five

dfwbuck2 said...

oh yeah crosby for conn smythe

Play at the Plate said...

I picked San Jose earlier so I could get that pick in before the game. Here are my full picks:

a)Sharks in 7
b)Blackhawks in 6
c)Sharks in 6

d)Pitt in 4
e)Bruins in 6
f) Pitt in 6

g)Pitt in 6

Crosby wins the Conn Smythe depite the protest of a certain Canuck.

Anonymous said...

Let's see what we can do this go-around:

a) Detroit over San Jose in 6
b) Vancouver over Chicago in 7
c) Detroit over Vancouver in 5

d) Pittsburgh over Montreal in 5
e) Philadelphia over Boston in 7
f) Pittsburgh over Philadelphia in 7

g) Detroit over Pittsburgh in 6

Crosby still wins the Smythe if only because the media can't get off its knees in front of him...

shoeboxlegends said...

I too was distracted by the ice girl, Conn Smythe Henrik Zetterberg.

Justin G. said...

Let's see if I can right the ship and move on up:
a. San Jose in 7
b. Chicago in 6
c. winner of a vs b - Chicago (the Hossa curse strikes again)
d.Pittsburgh in 6
e.Boston in 7
winner of d vs e - pittsburgh
Overall champ - Pittsburgh repeats

Justin G. said...

I don't read intructions...Conn Smythe - Marc Andre Fleury

Roy said...

Patrick Kane for Conn Smythe.

gcrl said...

sharks in 6
canucks in 6
sharks in 5

penguins in 5
bruins in 7
penguins in 4

penguins in 6

conn smythe to ma fleury

i know nothing. i haven't followed hockey since the lockout. luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuc!

Anonymous said...

a) Detroit
b) Vancouver
c) Vancouver

d) Pittsburgh
e) Boston
f) Pittsburgh

g) Pittsburgh

as a tie breaker, pick the Conn Smythe Trophy winner (MVP of the playoffs): Sid the Skidmark.