Sunday, April 4, 2010

help a blogger out....

I need your help. Well, I'm begging actually. The baseball season starts today! (not counting the ESPN love fest sunday night... and no, that doesn't count) I need to finish off a couple of sets, with your help please.
And we're doing this, Ginter style.... first up,

2006 A&G
Card #53 John Smoltz SP
Card #305 ???
Card #303 Jennie Finch
Now I know it may be impossible to pry Ms. Finch from most of your sweaty little grasps. I probably have a better shot at getting your favourite pair of jeans, your eye teeth, or your sister... but there are girl bloggers out there, and maybe one of them will help me.

2007 A&G

Card #72, 228, 272, 310, 311, 322, 336 those in red acquired, THANKS!

I have no idea who any of those are...

2009 A&G - complete!

Card #347 Yvoni Gallardo SP - Acquired! - THANKS MADDING!!!!
I thought I had Gallardo in a swap, but it never panned out, so he's back on the most wanted list.

so if anyone of you can help with my Ginter Quest, I would very much appreciate it. LMK and we can work something out.


madding said...

I've got Gallardo. E-mail me your address again and it's yours.

Play at the Plate said...

I was out of the hobby in 2006. Why didn't someone call me and tell me about that Finch card. Must have...must have.

Offy said...

I picked up a Finch from for a decent price when I needed one to have her sign. Of course, your mileage may vary.