Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sometimes I spoil myself

I love this set... I have for years. It's one of the better football sets going. So when I saw my beloved Cowboys rookie QB up for auction, I had to get it. Mine!

At almost $12 shipped, I paid waaay too much for young McProbie here. The only way Stephen will see the field is if a tragic plane crash or a mob of blonde buxom country western singer zombie chicks derail Tony Romo.
But it's my Cowboys. And if McRookie can carry the clipboard for awhile, I will continue to collect his cards.

Besides.... it's pretty, isn't it?


Motherscratcher said...

When I first read the post title I glanced past the "p" in the third word. I didn't know what the hell to expect.

Why is he your beloved Cowboys rookie QB? Is it like Cleveland where the backup QB is the most popular player in town?

The Big Kahuna said...

Who knows? Perhaps he could be in a Drew Bledsoe/Tom Brady situation and become awesome. Then he would get to sleep with all of the cheerleaders and stuff. He's still a better backup though then anybody on my GIANTS roster.

Play at the Plate said...

I had some sort of clever comment to make then I spewed hot chocolate all over the keyboard thanks to Mother. NNNNNow the kkeeeyyyyss are sticckkinggggg.