Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thanks Dad

a few days ago I received a package from everyone's Dad, Baseball Dad. I was expecting a dvd from him, but that wasn't what I got... it turned out to be cards! What are the chances?
Anyways... in the package was this oddball.
Cliff Lee travelling the World. It looks like I'm stop #4 on Cliff's journey. I'll add my two bits and send him on his merry way early in the week. Baseball Dad wanted to make sure Cliff saw the Great White North before going home.

Jack also sent a half dozen Conlon cards for my soon to be finished set. (I hope)
along with a Ginter card off of my Most Wanted Card List
Thanks Jack!


Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

If you really want Cliff to travel you could always send him to Australia...

Goose Joak said...

Awesome idea with Cliff.


I'm glad Cliff made the trip ok. Dvd ?? You must have me confused with someone else! Thanks for the $20 though.Actually I just contacted the Card Collector people friday night. The package should arrive here monday or tuesday.

Eli said...

I like the Cliff Lee idea.
I have to say that, the Conlon collection is a sweet, I bought a set when they first came out.