Monday, March 23, 2009


Tonight's six pack performance has been shortened due to weather. Well, okay, not weather. I found the "case hit" in the third pack I opened tonight. Yes. Even in 1992 they had case hits.

Pack 13;

John L. Williams RB - Seahawks
Burt Grossman DL - Chargers
Randall McDaniel G -Vikings
Bobby Hebert QB - Saints
Bobby was always one of my favourite players growing up.

Clyde Simmons DE - Eagles
James Lofton WR - Bills
Pack 14;

Mike Pritchard WR - Falcons
Anthony Carter WR - Vikings
Jay Novacek TE - Cowboys
you ever seen a Hall of Famers security blanket??? Take another look at Novacek.

Steve Sewell RB - Broncos
Tony Zendejas K - Rams
Giving the kickers some love....
Duane Bickett LB - Colts

Pack 15;

Anthony Thompson RB - Cardinals
Mark Rypien QB - Redskins
Rob Burnett DE - Browns
Dave Meggett KR - Giants
Clarence Verdin KR - Colts
Only one card left..... you're breathless, I know....
Warren Moon QB - Oilers
wait. that's it? No. Flip it over. Oh, wait.... here. Let me do it for you....
That's braille my fine sighted friends. An Action Packed braille card. 1992's equivalent of a case hit.
All I need now is that Barry Sanders auto.
EDIT: okay, upon a little investigation on the ole interwebs, unlike 1991, in 1992, the braille cards were a little more common. Like one per two boxes... mea culpa people.


Ben said...

I don't want to sound insensitive, but what do blind people need with trading cards? I understand that they can listen to football on the radio and love it. But cards? How can a blind person really appreciate a football card? Sure the statistics are readable, but that's only half the card.

Oh well.

Unknown said...

The brail cards are case hits? I happen to have an Emmitt Smith brail card!

stusigpi said...

Those braille cards were tough as hell to pull. No 24kt?

Offy said...

I loved Action Packed Football. I've got a couple of the 24KT cards from various years in my collection. I think I've got an Emmitt, Marino and Faulk. I went for a lot of the oddball and different stuff back in the day.